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I learned about the Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Who judges everybody on their intentions and Who reads our hearts like a book.
Who is never unjust towards His servant, it is only the servant who is unjust to themselves.

Who decides in His infinite Wisdom and bestows Islam unto whom He chooses.
He Who says that when we approach Him one step, He will approach us two steps, and when we walk towards Him, He will run to us. Who forgives us for all our sins, even if they are as numerous as foam on the waves of the oceans. Who feels more love for us than a mother for her child.

Who spreads his all-embracing love all over the world for everyone who can see with the eyes of their hearts and who can hear with the ears of their souls.

Who shows his Mercy through the rain and the sun, which make the food grow on the fields and Who provides us with everything we need to live.
Who gives us day and night. The warmth and the light of the day to work, enjoy and worship, and the cool darkness of the night to rest and to find new energy.

Who lets us be born new, pure and clean like little angels and Who gives us all the opportunities in this life to follow His right path.
Who lets us feel real love and lets us feel real pain, Who opens our hearts to feel mercy for our fellow man and our environment, mercy of which He only bestowed one hundredth part on us and from which He kept 99 parts for Himself, so He can pour it out on us on Judgment day.

Who created us, lets us live, lets us die and will let us live again.
Who will judge us on the Day of Judgment. Who will weigh all our good and evil deeds, fully just, for no good deed the size of a mustard seed will be overlooked.

Who, every day again, gives us a chance to repent and to come back to His Way, to abandon our sins and to live according to His Laws.
His patience is immeasurable until the end of time.
Who tells us that even on the Day of Judgment his Mercy will surpass his wrath.

Who gave us His Laws, that forbid what is damaging for us and that only permits what is good for us.
Who shows the beauty and the splendor of His creation to all of us. Why won't they see?
Every being, every creature with his own special qualities, many not even fully studied. Some creatures may not even be discovered, like there are in the depths of the Seas, unreachable for us. Because no knowledge is disclosed without His permission.

Who does not give us a heavier load than we can carry and Who tests His servants according to His love for them. Who lightens the hearts of those who remember Him and Who will reward us for our patience and our perseveres in our confidence in Him.

Who asks us to encourage the good and to forbid the evil, to respect our parents, to be in the presence of the just and to clear obstacles from the road so as to clear the way towards Him.
Who gives preference to no person over an other, except for the one who loves Him the most and obeys Him unconditionally.

Who gives us wealth, poverty or loss as a test, in order that we may prove to be patient, and that we may not just pray in troublesome times but also while we are happy and thankful.

Who teaches us that this life is a mere test and fleeting, but that our real life will start after dead, lest we may be thoughtful about our deeds in this life.

But also Who does not tolerate that we worship anyone next to him. Who asks us to remember Him in our five daily prayers, to do good deeds in His name, to pay alms, to fast and to visit His house in Mecca, if possible, once in our lives.

I see God full of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness, Inviting, Wise, Understanding and Almighty.

Al hamdulilah, that I am among His chosen to have found Islam and His love, Amien.